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Forget about fad diets that make you lose water weight. The pounds come back when your body recovers from the assault of starvation and dehydration. To lose weight you need to take in fewer calories while burning more of them. It’s that simple.

But Everyone Wants An Edge…

Maybe your metabolism is a bit sluggish. Maybe you want to see your initial weight loss quicker. Or maybe you just need a little energy to burn calories and some help controlling your appetite. Many people think of phentermine right away. But is it right for you? That’s highly doubtful. In fact, phentermine is not right for anyone!

So What’s Wrong With Phentermine?

Phentermine is closely related to amphetamines. The FDA is so worried about its addictive potential that they made it a schedule IV controlled substance, alongside drugs like barbiturates and Xanax.

Phentermine can also cause some serious side effects, such as:

  • Delerium
  • Panic
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Psychosis
  • Heart failure

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There Is Something Better…

There is a product that can give you the edge without the risk of addiction and all of those scary side effects. It’s called Phen375.

Let’s look at some of Phen375’s benefits:

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Raises metabolism and body temperature
  • Provides energy

Phentermine gives an energy boost and helps curb the appetite, but only because it is a heavy stimulant. Phen375 contains some stimulating ingredients, but they are pretty mild and well-tolerated by the vast majority of people. If you can handle a soft drink or a cup of coffee, you can likely handle Phen375.

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What’s In Phen375, And How Does It Work?

Phen375 contains herbs, minerals, and caffeine, which has many benefits that work together with the other ingredients.

  • Cayenne – Raises body temperature to help burn fat
  • Dendrobium nobile extract – A mild stimulant and performance enhancer
  • Forskolin extract – A mysterious herb that may support thyroid function
  • Bitter orange extract – Contains synephrine, which has an action somewhat similar to the once popular weight loss drug ephedrine
  • Chromium picolinate – An appetite suppressant
  • L-Carnitine – Helps the body burn fat
  • Calcium carbonate – May support healthy weight loss
  • Caffeine – Increases metabolism and body temperature. It also provides energy to increase activity.

So What’s The Verdict?

Phen375 provides all of the benefits that phentermine does, but without the risk of addiction and all those other scary side effects. Healthy eating habits and moderate exercise are crucial for losing weight. But if you need a little help, pass on the phentermine and try Phen375 instead.

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